Time really flies. I still remember my decision to move from Vienna to Nuremberg, like it was yesterday. Lately we’ve been talking about job application interviews at NETWAYS and I made my usual joke “Meet with Bernd, have a coffee and say yes”. I’ve never shown my CV or wrote an application letter.

It was and is a matter of trust and honesty. Bernd invited me to this adventure, and always has guided me when times were hard, or not so super exciting. He’s also the one who made me a more friendly, and calm person with a vision to lead and care about others. Just awesome.

Back at that time I also met Markus who helped me with the move into my Nuremberg located flat. Just 15 minutes walk to NETWAYS, not so far away from Anwanden. Markus and Nicole are the ones where I found my “second” family here in Nuremberg, far away from home. I really feel safe and relaxed when I’m with them. Life is good.

NETWAYS is family and friends. That includes bitching, arguing, joining the conversation and feeling so young when you are going somewhere. Like a trip with your school or student mates. We all have a vision at work – the most important thing is that we do care about each other. You’ll see that when a party is ending, cleaning up together. You’ll recognize that during a conference when everyone pushes the team to the next level. You can feel it, when a small group of crazy Germans, Austrians and Italians moves to a foreign country and is just pure natural and crazy. No-one is left behind and we all go the flow. Just friends.

Speaking of Austria, I tend to visit Linz more often these days. My CX-5 provides me the luxury to just do so, while travelling by train is somewhat “too much stress and plans”. And of course, I found my love with bringing the good Austrian stuff to Nuremberg. Dragee Keksi, Linzer Torte, Manner, and much more. Always honoured and loved, already travelling the world. A taste of Austria.

I did not really change my Austrian dialect to German or Franconia even. At some point, I just don’t care and use “funny” words. Like “the other” Markus is doing with his “Wos? Jetzt glaub i’s oba!” (What? Now I believe it … or something like that). It always has been a good start into a conversation to discuss the different words and meanings of German and Austrian words. It doesn’t matter which country you belong these days, we think global.

Travelling the world with NETWAYS, and Icinga. Made friends and achieved my personal goal: Visit events and give talks about the things I love. I’m also preferring English everywhere I can.  Open source unites.

I’ve seen different cultures, used to learn and communicate. Keeping calm if a discussion is on the run. My past me was reacting emotional when someone said “annoying” or “bad project” about “my” Icinga. These days I see the success of Icinga, how many different people are involved in it, with their different visions and the idea to push each other to the next level. Time to fade away and lean back.

I’ve also started to look into “new” things. Some points in the past have proven that I am running directly into a burn-out. This is the time when I get ill, which I normally don’t. I learned from projects which were huge, and failed. Failure is allowed at NETWAYS, and I am glad that I get the time and resources to keep calm, motivate again, and find my true vision. Lately “Icinga is running on the ISS” just nailed it again. Trust and motivation.

Managing projects and leading teams is a hard job, still my ongoing goal. Be it for Icinga or NETWAYS. I’m not the “perfect” coder, I like to organize things, design and create concepts, write documentation, do support, install all the things, and integrate them with other tools in the stack. There’s also Request Tracker as one of my new projects. And a new software is coming to life soon, all helped with the nice startup days last week at NETWAYS. Most recently I’ve also started to develop Icinga Web 2 modules. Finding new areas of expertise is pure motivation.

Probably I’m doing too many side projects, like Dashing, Vagrant, Plugins and also providing monitoring-portal.org as a community platform. Still, I learned to keep it in the 40 hours a week, and put aside everything when turning on the PS4 (I really love Assassin’s Creed Origins), building LEGO models, or just reading Perry Rhodan, still at 1170. Life is too short to work too much.

Friends married this year. The not-so-typical American-Italian-German wedding in lovely Nuremberg, many days full of love and joy. And the one you only do once in your life: Going to Kosovo, meet a new culture and enjoy life. Next year, some “round” birthdays are coming, and we’ll see where we’re heading. Our “we play offline games and drink a lot” round with Vanessa, Markus and Martin is also in the making again. Family and friends matter.

After all, it is an incredible journey and I don’t want to miss it. I love going to work and see my friends and colleagues. I love going back to Austria and visit my family. I love Nuremberg, Franconia and the country side. I love meeting friends and discussing the latest (LEGO) stuff, or just sitting in the garden having a G&T doing nothing. Tomorrow we’ll party hard at the NETWAYS XMas event, I’ll promise 🙂

Life is good with a taste of Austria 🙂

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