The Settlers 2 was the first game I bought, and it is still one of my all time favourites. No wonder I was looking getting it to work on OSX too. I know that there’s DOSBox for Mac, but dealing with graphical installers from and so on, I was looking for an easier method making this work out of the box as OSX application.

I found this nifty howto and did these steps for a German version:

Get the game on and download the installer.

Install and run WineBottler. Select “Advanced” and create a new custom prefix. Select the downloaded Settlers 2 exe file. Furthermore tick one of the directx dlls for Winetricks. Then save it somewhere.


WineBottler will then run the installer inside a Wine environment. Click through the installer but do not run the game in the end.


Once completed check the location on disk where the app was saved into. Right click on it and select “Show Package Content”.


Navigate to “Contents” – “Resources” – “wineprefix” – “drive_c” – “GOG Games” and select to copy “Settlers 2 Gold”. I’ve chosen “Downloads” and copied it over there.

finder_settlers_tree finder_downloads_copied_to

Optional: I’ve been using a small trainer from the 90ies to add 5k resources for long endless games against all enemies. Download the s2edi and extract the file called “s2edi.exe” to the main tree.

Now install Boxer and run it. Note: You can run any DOS game with Boxer, it’s more like Docker containers for separated DOS environments.


Now select “Import a new game” and drag&drop the “Settlers 2 Gold” folder into it. If the icon does not show up, select the goggame-1207658786.ico and drag&drop it again.


Boxer stores all DOS Games in the very same directory in your home directory from where you can start them.


Run “Settlers 2 Gold”. The prompt will allow you to run several programs – choose “S2.exe” for the main game, “s2edit.exe” being the map editor and “s2edi.exe” for modifying existing save games.


Launch “S2.exe” and enjoy an old time classic! 🙂



w+i+n+t+e+r and ALT 1-6 for speeding the game up

s+c for descriptions

space for yellow build helpers

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