IMG_0069I basically got all these nifty creator houses by the end of 2014. Although I enjoyed building them there was already a new model announced for 2015 – the detective’s office. I made it to the Lego store on 2nd of January with friends visiting Nuremberg, and got the model (Slave I was sold out, but I got that one later hehe).

One good thing when opening the box – there’s only one big instructions “book” containing all the build sections and referenced bag numbers. Less chaos in the instructions library then. There are 4 sections with plenty of bags each – which requires plenty of space when sorting the bricks. Enlarge the couch and get refreshments 😉 They’ve also added a new “Expert” logo into the model’s box and instruction manual. The model itself consists of 2262 bricks which is fairly average amount other houses in the Creator series.

IMG_0077The first build step builds the left bottom part including a pool house, with darts and a hidden storage for smuggling stuff into it (they advertise that as play feature, which is cool but actually a bit hard to play with). Other then it looks like, this house is not split into 2 sides (like the pets store 10218)  Look at all the details when building this part – from billard queue extensions to a ceiling fan, there are many.

IMG_0082Next up: Al’s hairdresser which includes building a way for smuggling stuff into the main pool house. The coolest thing I’ve ever seen – a mirror plate without any stickers, directly attached into the hairdresser’s room. And again – lots of lovely details, even a minifigure taking off his heat for getting the hair cut. And you’ll know it from the previous Creator models – you’ll build the letters “A L ‘ S” from combining Lego bricks.

IMG_0097The third build section builds the entire first floor which is tied together with stairs from the ground. The left part features the detective’s office while the right room is more or less for the staircase and a restroom. The brick colors are pretty cool here – the detective’s office looks like made of brick, while the room at the right mixes light with more dark blue and white. The outside features a firefighter ladder which can be used to chase smuggler’s by the detective.

IMG_0106The first floor leads to the second floor with an additional staircase on the right. The interior fits as kitchen including a cat. Although it’s been a bit small for that. I would’ve found it better using the remaining space on the left side. Although building the water container is one of the coolest build techniques I’ve ever seen 😉

The build is finished by putting together the letters “P O O L” in a top-down logo for each side, similar to the Creator Palace Cinema‘s logo. All minifigures are integrated into the various scenes already so no mess with putting them “somewhere”.

It took me ~5 hours to build this nice model, and I can definitely recommend it. There are no repetitive steps, stickers but only joy when building the model, brick by brick 🙂

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