If you’ve attended the OSMC 2013 and the Icinga presentation you might have seen it already, but for all new readers – Icinga 2 got native support for writing metrics to graphite carbon-cache. There’s not much to do than

  • have Icinga 2 installed & some checks configured
  • have graphite up & running
  • enable the GraphiteWriter feature

I’m using a Vagrant box for graphite where I am running a puppet module to install graphite from sources, but patching it for realtime performance – so you might assign that a little more disk space then.

The Icinga 2 Vagrant box will install the latest and greatest snapshot rpms built from git next, so we are bleeding edge here – if you encounter any bugs, please report them to https://dev.icinga.org

The graphite vagrant box will listen on the forwarded port 20003 on localhost’s ip address. Feel free to modify the virtualbox portforwarding though – it’s just a different port not to harm any local installs.

Now get into the Icinga 2 Vagrant box and enable the GraphiteWriter feature.

$ vagrant ssh
$ sudo -i
# icinga2 feature enable graphite

Now uncomment host and port, and modify it to your carbon cache listener. Restart Icinga 2 to apply changes.

# vim /etc/icinga2/features-available/graphite.conf

 * The GraphiteWriter type writes check result metrics and
 * performance data to a graphite tcp socket.

library "perfdata"

object GraphiteWriter "graphite" {
  host = "",
  port = 20003

# service icinga2 restart

The Vagrant graphite box is accessible at http://localhost:8081.

Home exercise: Set “check_interval = 1s” in your services, and watch graphite in realtime (patched auto-refresh). If you need some detailed insights on graphite itself, you may checkout my employer’s trainings.

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