I was looking for a module providing the screen functionality (# apt-get install screen) since sometimes I just want to copy or download stuff, but not leaving the current ssh session active throughout my workstation.

While having found a new SSHD module as well, I also stumbled over the ModBase1 module by Fajo which includes screen – as well as plenty of other tools i might just need (to note – df, egrep, rtmpdump, unrar, git, curl, psql, etc)

Once downloaded, install the module via web interface and activate it.


You’ll find all usable binaries within /raid/data/module/ModBase1/system/bin which I’ll add to my already configured user’s shell environment into PATH.

export PATH=$PATH:/raid/data/module/ModBase1/system/bin

Now, start into a new screen (new window – CTRL+AC, detach – CTRL+AD, resume – screen -x or screen -dr).

# screen-4.0.3
# screen-4.0.3 -x

Voilà – really standalone 🙂

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