Get FajoSSHD module (works flawlessly with my THECUS N4200 PRO) and install it via the web interface.



Once finished, activate it and click the underlined module name to open the module’s configuration interface – change the default ssh port back to 22.

## (Multiple Port options are permitted.)
Port 22
#Port 10022

Stop and start the ssh daemon then.


It will be listening on port 22 then, allowing you to login with ‘root’ and your nas password. As an alternative, I do already have the ‘sys’ user from the old sshd+sysuser modules with a customized shell around – as written here.

After having shell access, you’ll find the settings within /raid/data/module/FaJoSSHD/system/etc/ssh/sshd_config

In order to add your public ssh key to the system, open the following file and put it there. Replace <USER> with either ‘root’ or ‘sys’, depending on your login (mkdir if directory does not exist).

# vim /raid/data/module/FaJoSSHD/system/etc/ssh/users/<USER>/authorized_keys

Logout, and login. Voilà 🙂

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