Install dosbox.

# apt-get install dosbox

Run dosbox once to create ~/.dosbox and the initial config. Then copy it to the unique name for “Z”.

$ dosbox
$ cd ~/.dosbox
$ cp dosbox-0.74.conf dosbox-z.conf
$ mkdir drive_c

Get “Z The Game” e.g. from over e.g. here. There’s an already installed image available here as well. Then copy the game folder “Z” to drive_c (and keep in mind to own the original game’s cd when applying the mini image trick here).

Add the following to your dosbox-z.conf in the [autoexec] section:

# Lines in this section will be run at startup.
# You can put your MOUNT lines here.
keyb gr
mount c /home/michi/.dosbox/drive_c

imgmount d /home/michi/.dosbox/drive_c/Z/Z_DOS.iso -t iso
cd Z

To start it full screen, put a new alias e.g. in your bashrc and start it.

alias z_game='dosbox -conf ~/.dosbox/dosbox-z.conf -fullscreen'
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