The new Twonky 7.0 Special release (replacing former Twonkymedia Server 6.x naming) is still compatible with my THECUS N4200 PRO NAS, and the best part is – the serial number is still valid.

Since THECUS itsself is a huge fail in upgrading the natively shipped modules, especially Twonky, I highly depend on user contributed modules like Twonky 7.0.9 Special – previously I was using Peter Futterknecht’s modules, but this was discontinued for private reasons.

In order to upgrade the N4200 PRO, I did first open the old Twonky interface (normally at http://nas.ip:9000) and saving the serial key, then installed the downloaded app within “Application Server” – “Module Installation”.


After successful install, disable the old module, and enable the new Twonky 7.0.9 Special. Once enabled, click on the name’s url and configure the new stylish web interface by enabling your serial key, as well as setting up your folders for sharing.

Voilà – upgrade time over 🙂

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