Well, referencing the old setup, it was time to change locations which included a new router, gotten from German Telekom. You may figure, that many people look for repeaters extending their range, but not that many speak of client bridge routers. Even more, they reduce the router to a vdsl modem and put their very own – though for the Entertain package you’ll require various vlan tagging which may be broken then. So, my goal is still to add clients in the flat and do not use any cables (and no powerplugs either).

Luckily, the Speedport W921V provides the 2,5 and 5Ghz bands too, so I will be re-using the 5Ghz one for adding the client bridge like before. The only slight change in this regard is the ssid and the wpa key. The speedport supports WPA2 Personal plus TKIP as well as AES, so perfectly fine. If there are connection issues, keep in mind that the 5Ghz band got a lower range than the 2,4Ghz.


So, no need to buy the Telekom bridge combinations, but use an old working router with dd-wrt 🙂

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