If you got a DELL Latitude E6530 with nvidia 5200m as secondary graphic chip next to the intel one, make sure to tick off the Optimus option in the BIOS. If not, you will see messages in your xorg log like

failing to assign any connected display services to X screen

KDE Install

apt-get install kdm kde-standard kde-plasma-desktop kde-l10n-de virtuoso-minimal network-manager rar unrar unrar-free k3b xscreensaver

nouveau is buggy, rather use the non-free nvidia drivers with their dkms modules.

apt-get install nvidia-kernel-dkms nvidia-glx nvidia-glx-ia32 build-essential nvidia-settings nvidia-xconfig

In order to make this work, create xorg.conf if not existing, and then add the nvidia config to it.

# Xorg -configure
# cp /root/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf
# nvidia-xconfig -o /etc/X11/xorg.conf


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