While everyone was waiting for the infamous long-lasting Android 4 upgrade, namely Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), it was nice to finally install it. But – there were changes you normally do not expect on an upgrade. Me listening to my music and when finally having chosen a song being a ringtone, just selected that option in the native music player before ICS happened. With ICS and the newly revamped music player this setting does not exist anymore.

Chosing a ringtone happens via “Settings” – “Device” – “Audio” and selecting the one you want to have. But nothing new appeared there anymore. The new way of doing this is

– install astro (file manager) from google play
– go into /mnt/sdcard/Music
– touch and hold a song, select “copy”
– navigate to /mnt/sdcard/Ringtones
– select “insert”

Once you have copied the song, you can finally select it as a new ringtone.

That method is more like a workaround, duplicating songs on your sd card, but hey – Google might have a reason for it? Probably selling a custom app for doing exactly what described above *sigh*

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