The current HP Tools, which are available in Debian through an external repository maintained by HP itsself, do not understand newer Kernels starting with the transition to 3.0 – so it won’t find any raid array controllers or devices.

I’m keen on using hpacucli to monitor hard raid controllers, and the devices themselves – e.g. using check_cciss

In order to comply with this “situation”, someone wrote a wrapper faking the 2.6 environment, and running the command afterwards.

Download and “install” it like this …

# cd /usr/lib/nagios/plugins
# mkdir uname26 ; cd uname26
# wget
# wget
# make
# cp uname26 /usr/sbin

and call the cli tool like this (edit the scripts to add the uname26 call as well)

# /usr/sbin/uname26 hpacucli ctrl slot=11 pd all show status

Until there are maybe new binaries available supporting the 3.0 linux kernel.

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