For those having missed the wonderful audio commentary by Stermann & Grissemann on the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 (which can only watched being drunk, but those comments make it worth listening, at least a bit) – you can view the streams over here:

If you prefer to keep things offline, and archive these streams, open up the source code on that page, and grep for mp4 streams. Since those are rtmp streams, you’ll need a special dump tool (mplayer does not like this format, as it’s kind of http tunneled – infamous “can’t connect to socket” errors…).

# apt-get install rtmpdump

and then dump all the 4 streams one by one. Keep in mind, that all will require ~5,6GB as it’s uncompressed mp4a and avc.

$ rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -o 2012-05-26_2100_sd_01_Eurovision-Song-Cont_____4086801__o__0000046495__s4094247___12_ORF1ADHiRes_21000313P_21593119P_Q6A.mp4
$ rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -o 2012-05-26_2200_sd_01_EUROVISION-SONG-CONT_Vorstellung-der-Song__ORF1ADHiRes_22010601P_23163618P_Q6A.mp4
$ rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -o 2012-05-26_2315_sd_01_Eurovision-Song-Cont_____4081993__o__0000046497__s4094639___21_ORF1ADHiRes_23252013P_23521202P_Q6A.mp4
$ rtmpdump -r "rtmp://" -o 2012-05-26_2340_sd_01_Eurovision-Song-Cont_____4081995__o__0000046509__s4094745___42_ORF1ADHiRes_23534823P_00242523P_Q6A.mp4

After that, you might want to encode to a different format (ffmpeg and friends), or upload it to your private streaming space as well. Keep in mind that this method downloads copyrighted material by the ORF, so if you do violate those, i do not take any responsibility 🙂

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