Sometimes you’ll test mobile applications on your phone (especially when writing tutorials for the Icinga Wiki). Ever since pictures tell more than thousand words, a screenshot will be handy. Previous Android 2.x was not capable of that, at least not without root mods. Other sources on the internet tell about special apps like picme, allowing your workstation to see your mobile screen.

But can’t it be easy? Yes, more or less. On the Google Nexus S with Android 4 you will have to press Volume Down and Power at the same time, preferrably for 1 sec or longer. Sometimes it does not work … so make sure to hear a click and see the notification about the screenshot.

Screenshots will be put into /mnt/sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots – go there e.g. using the Astro file manager and send the picture wherever you want to (mail is the easiest workaround for me ;)).

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