Following up with the initial beta 3 setup of the trackmania 2 dedicated server, now it’s time to upgrade to beta 4.

First, download the new dedicated server version from maniaplanet forum.

$ sudo su - tm2
$ mkdir TM2_new
$ cd TM2_new ; wget ; unzip ; cd ..

Now it’s time to diff the changes.

$ diff -ur TM2 TM2_new

You will see that our changes from the past guide would be overriden, so make sure that you keep these files

* (because it contains the changed MatchSettings path to dnscloud.txt)
* TM2/UserData/Config/dedicated_cfg.txt (login credentials, etc)

Because they would get overridden, simply remove them from TM2_new folder (and ofc keep backups from your working server in the first place!)

$ zip -r TM2
$ rm TM2_new/
$ rm TM2_new/UserData/Config/dedicated_cfg.txt

Run diff again if you not sure about it. Then stop the running server, e.g. like using this small script

$ cd TM2; vim stopall

#easy - manialive dies if ManiaPlanetServer dies
killall ManiaPlanetServer
echo "done."
$ sh stopall ; cd ..

Now it’s time to copy the prepared data from TM2_new/ into TM2/ – because there’s some write protected stuff, we’ll kick the files in the original folders because plain copy could fail.

$ rm -f TM2/ManiaPlanetServer* rm TM2/List*  TM2/RunSrv.bat
$ cp -r TM2_new/* TM2/

Now start again, e.g. with this small start script including manialive.

$ vim runall

# first start tm2 dedicated, then manialive

cd ~/TM2/

echo "now starting manialive..."

sleep 5
cd ~/manialive/ManiaLive2_r251
./run --start

echo "done."

Check your map settings and order, if you wanna update those too, and in case everything is ok, start the server.

$ sh runall
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