MLEPP needs special stable release, not the official beta ones from manialive.

$ wget ; unzip
$ cd ManiaLive2_r251
$ wget
$ unzip

Edit the config.ini and add possible admins with their respective usernames.
Furthermore, the server.port and .host are needed (XMLRPC) in order to let the server manager communicate with the dedicated server. The authentication will happen as SuperAdmin (add the login you changed in dedicated_cfg.txt from the dedicated server setup).

$ chmod +x run

Now check if me met all the requirements and run ManiaLive in foreground.

$ ./run --nodaemon

If there are errors, try to resolve them (my debian squeeze was missing curl with ssl – apt-get install php5-curl)

[22:30:19] XML-RPC connection established
[22:30:19] Successfully authentified with XML-RPC server
Threading will be disabled, enable the 'SQLite' extension on your system!
[Attention] Threading disabled - this may cause performance issues!
[22:30:19] Current map: DriftCanyon
[PluginHandler] Start plugin load process:
[PluginHandler] All registered plugins have been loaded

Now, run the daemon and check the status of the process. Stop the daemon by adding –stop

$ ./run

$ ps aux | grep tm2
mysql> create user manialive identified by 'password';
mysql> create database ManiaLive;
mysql> grant all on ManiaLive.* to 'manialive'@'localhost';
mysql> flush privileges;

Add the tracklist name from the dedicated server to be read.

$ vim config/tracklist.ini

$ vim config/config.ini

* add mysql database credentials. the needed tables will be created by ManiaLive itsself.
* add the MLEPP config onto config.ini and enabled those plugins you want to be loaded

$ cd config
$ cp config-mlepp-widgets-example.ini config-mlepp-widgets.ini
$ vim config-mlepp-widgets.ini

Restart the ManiaLive Daemon and check logs/

$ ./run --stop ; ./run --start
$ less logs/log_Error.txt
$ less logs/log_Runtime.txt

You will see hopefully successful output, otherwise try to fix the errors.

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