Following up to this thread I got lazy pasting those commands by hand.

So I finally wrote another Perl script doing all the demux-encode-mux stuff alone, also taking all sub directories, parsing for DTS encoded tracks within the mkv’s. It also creates a new output file with a fine AC3 track, and removes the old file with the DTS track. Note: This currently works only with single audio tracks, and ignores non-DTS files. And it is being written for directory usage, meaning one working dir and sub dirs with mkvs.

The script has several dependencies on used software, as there are

  • mkvmerge
  • mkvextract
  • dcadec
  • aften

Resolve them like this:

# apt-get install mkvtoolnix mkvtoolnix-gui libdca0 libdca-utils cmake
# cd /usr/src; wget wget; tar xvjf aften-0.0.8.tar.bz2
# cd aften-0.0.8; mkdir default; cd default
# cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:STRING="/usr"; make && make install

Current script can be found here at pastebin 🙂

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