I’ll admit it, I really like that when i click “reply to …” then a new window pops up and the composition is set to “fixed width” on HTML, just to see everything being seperated with color. So I am just using the HTML view with monospace fixed width composed emails.

The thing I really hate with Thunderbird is the fact that getting the cursor at the end of a quote, pressing enter, creating a new line feed – getting from fixed width onto variable width – wtf is going on over there?

In “Edit” – “Preferences” – “Composition” there is “HTML – Font” being set to “fixed width” instead of “variable width”. That does not really affect the situation when Thunderbird decides that it will be using “variable width” instead of my decision. I could press Ctrl+A and set the dropdown menu to “fixed width” again, but that kind of sucks.

The real problem is not the HTML fonts being used, or the HTML format either. In the preferences window, switch to the “Display” and “Formatting” tab. You will recognize that the “default font” is set to “serif” with size 16.

Setting that to “monospace” with size 12 resolves the problem and replying to emails with the correct view even with HTML is much more fun 🙂

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