Use at your own risk, this howto is taken from external websites: How to record free streaming videos from ATV AT (Google Cache)

Real Media Capture is unfortunately windows only, but a great tool:

* Install it

* Start the program, click “Start Recording”

* Browse to the website, play the video/audio

* Watch the program recording the streams

* You don’t need to play the whole video, close it and do other things

Now for the linux part: Fortunately, there’s WINE. Following this guide, it’s rather simple to record media on Linux.

* Install WINE

* Download Replay Media Capture and open install with WINE

* Go to and download mfc42.dll. Open the ‘C Drive’ folder inside the Wine menu and open the folder called ‘system32’. Copy and paste the DLL into that folder.

* Try to launch Replay Media Catcher again. You will get the same error, but this time, it will be for a different DLL. Download that dll and repeat the last step

* Once again, launch Replay Media Catcher. It looks for Internet Exploder in C: but it is not there – so just do the trick and get the Firefox exe, install it in WINE and run it through WINE.

* Once WINE Firefox is up, and Replay Media Capture running with WINE too, do the same procedure mentioned as above. The only difference is that the downloaded streams are located in you virtual WINE C drive on Desktop or My Documents.

Rather easy, isn’t it? 😉

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