JDownloader is a multi-plattform downloader which is able to grab filehoster urls within a queue, does all the waiting stuff and also is capable of watching out for links you are copying.

Installing in Linux is rather easy:

Go here and click on Linux. Then do not click on download, but get the jd.sh onto your local disk. Make sure you have wget and Java installed.

$ sudo mkdir /opt/jdownloader
$ sudo chown -R user:group /opt/jdownloader
$ mv jd.sh /opt/jdownloader
$ cd /opt/jdownloader
$ chmod +x jd.sh
$ ./jd.sh

Wait until JDownloader is being downloaded and install popup questions comes. There you select your language and default download directory.

The Interface is rather easy, you can add URLs, Containers etc. You can queue downloads, sort them into packages and so on.

After a download is finished and the archives do not have password, JDownloader will attempt to extract the archives.

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