Here’s a step further into my setup of rtorrent. It’s getting nasty to get one directory stuffed with both files and torrents. So it would be nice to split both into a temporary directory and a finished one.

Move completed

Simply add a line to your ~./rtorrent.rc file (for, 0.8.4+, taken from here)

system.method.set_key =,move_complete,"execute=mv,-u,$d.get_base_path=,~/Download/;d.set_directory=~/Download/"

Then reload the settings within rtorrent (restarting will kill your current session).

Ctrl+X to open command mode

That’s it!

Besides, some more useful shortcuts (^ = Ctrl)

1 - 7  Change view.
^S     Start download.
^D     Stop an active download, or remove a stopped download (press twice to remove in one step ;)
^K     Close a torrent and its files.
^R     Initiate hash check of torrent.
^O     Change the destination directory of the download. The torrent must be closed.
^X     Call commands or change settings.
^B     Set download to perform initial seeding. Only use when you are the first and only seeder so far for the download.
+ | -  Change the priority of the download.
backspace        Add torrent using an URL or file path. Use tab to view directory content and do auto-complete.


1 - main
2 - name
3 - started
4 - stopped
5 - complete
6 - incomplete
7 - hashing
8 - seeding
9 - active
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