Hello out there,

we are proud to announce the first beta release of Icinga.

As mentionend on the roadmap , we have reached the renaming goal. But is just a simple renaming takes so much time? Well, no!

It was kind of fun to refactor the IDOUtils to use libdbi as a DB abstraction layer, that we decided to get these changes into the 0.8 release instead of holding it back to 0.8.2. Up to now it should work well with MySQL Databases and current discussions on the icinga-devel list shows that there’s enough work to change the different SQL queries to fit to more RDBMs.

Also new are some neat stylesheet changes based on the Vautour Theme (Link to MonitoringExchange)

Work has just begun and we hope for many feedback, prefered on the mailingslists.

You don’t have to buy a pig in the poke, just watch the Icinga live demo on: http://demo.icinga.org/icinga/ (Username: guest; Password: guest) and if you like it, try it by yourself after downloading from Sourceforge


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